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Surplus! Call for special $600 pricing while supplies last!Rockford Power Take Off Clutch

This Industrial PTO is a single plate SAE 7.5” HE clutch, with a SAE #5 bell housing.
The internal clutch pack assembly number is 4-15823.
This Rockford Powertrain Original model has a bronze release collar & sleeve assembly.
The clutch body measures 7.5″ in diameter.
The organic gear tooth facing (friction plate) has 47 teeth, 8.08″OD, 4.5” ID and 0.438” thick. It also is segmented into 3 pieces for easy replacement in the field.Rockford Powertrain Original model clutch
Included drive ring is 9.5” O.D. and has a bolt circle of 8.75”.
The 304 pilot bearing is 52mm OD is shielded and grease-able.
The SAE #5 bell housing of this single plate 7″ power takeoff has a bolt circle of 13.125″. The length of the housing is 5.56” and the O.D. is 14 inches.
Output shaft diameter is 1.437” by 3.5” long, with a 3/8 keyway.
The overall length from pilot bearing to the end of the output shaft is 11.87″
The torque capacity is 1Industrial PTO single plate SAE 7.5” HE clutch75 lb-ft, with Horse Power ranging from 26HP in a heavy duty application, to 38HP in a normal, up to 48HP in a Light duty application.

7-s 5 hsg   107#5   1-07 #5
PTA #5712   411298AM   04011298
415823AM 04015823 Clutch assembly

Initially built for Waukesha engines, but can be used on rockford style power take off clutch illustrationany industrial engine with a SAE #5 housing and a SAE #7.5 flywheel. #WPT, #NACD, North American Clutch and Driveline, Twin Disc, #Twindisc #Rockford #411298AM  #CX107P501 #C107SP5 #C107P5 WTD-07-150 #WTD07150



SAE Flywheel Housing Dimensions









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How To Maintain an Industrial Gearbox

Mar 14, 17 • Industrial Mechanical PartsComments Off on How To Maintain an Industrial Gearbox
Gearboxes are an essential part of so many pieces of machinery. If you want to keep your gearbox functioning at its optimal performance, then regular maintenance should be done. The best way to maintain your gearbox is to check it regularly to determine potential failures and fix them before they happen. This will keep you from those surprise breakdowns at the most inconvenient times.

To keep your gearbox functioning at it best and for a longer time, here are some key maintenance tips to consider.

Keep Your Gearbox Lubricated At All Times

All machinery producing friction and heat require lubrication. Ensuring your gearbox is well lubricated reduces the chances of wear and tear, therefore, increasing its operation life. Ensure you regularly check to ensure that the oil levels of your gearbox all high as required at all times.

In case the oil level is low, refill it. Always stick to the recommended lubricant from the manufacturer. When the gearbox goes for long periods without an oil change, next time before you refill the oil, drain the old one. The old oil may be dirty, and this causes the gearbox to not function properly.

Check whether there are any leakages. Maybe the reason your gearbox is always low on oil is that it is leaking. Fix all the leaking points and refill the oil with the required amount. You can run tests to determine whether your gearbox has oil problems. This is usually evident when the teeth of the gear are starting to wear off quickly. Ensure that your industrial gearbox parts are lubricated at all times.

Always Keep Your Gearbox Clean

Gears have breathers. Ensure these breathers are strategically placed to avoid dirt from getting into the gearbox. Things such as dirt, water, and other debris that enter the gearbox can damage it. Most of the time the gearbox is used in areas where getting dirty is unavoidable. It is your job to prevent your gearbox from getting dirty. Try to always keep your workplace free from dirt and debris.

Protect the breathers as much as possible. The best way to maintain it is to avoid debris getting in. Have filters installed to keep dirt out of your gearbox. In case dirt, water or debris enters your gear, make sure you clean it properly. A dirty gearbox cannot perform perfectly. Dirt also damages the oil causing more problems to your machine.

Ensure Proper Cooling Of Your Gearbox

Obviously, the machine produces a lot of heat as it operates. Without proper cooling, this can be harmful. The major cause of overheating is not lubricating the machine properly. Using the wrong lubricant can also be the cause.

Examine your machine to see signs of overheating. Determine whether the oil you are using is properly lubricating your industrial gearbox parts. Using the wrong oil cannot prevent friction properly. This may be the cause of the excess heat. Find oil of good quality that is recommended for the type of gearbox you have.

Keep An Eye On Gear Teeth For Damage

The main reason some gears break is due to being used for a harder task than they were made for. Avoid putting your gearbox under too much pressure. Buy a gear that matches the amount of work you want to be performed.

In case you note some teeth that are broken or looking weak, fix them immediately. A gearbox breaks down slowly. You may never notice until one day it cracks open and everything falls apart. That is why it is important to fix those small teeth that are broken before they cause more damages.

Analyze The vibrations of your gearbox

One of the most effective industrial gearbox maintenance task to perform is to check its vibrations. Switch on your gearbox in a place where there is no noise and monitor how it vibrates.

By doing so, you can see its movements. You can tell what the damages are by the way it vibrates by itself. Having a professional around, he can determine whether the cause of the machine fault is an imbalance, general looseness or wear, bearing defects, misalignment, gear defects or some other unforeseen problem.

A damaged gearbox also makes some weird noises which you can tell are not normal. If the gear teeth are damaged, you can see a notable change in its movement or misalignment of the gears. Conduct this test regularly and record the results to compare them in the future. If you note any changes, then your gearbox might be damaged. Fix the problems before they grow.

Have a general Industrial Gearbox Maintenance program

It is always important to set aside some time to do general maintenance for your gearbox. Don’t always wait until you see a problem. A maintenance program requires you to hire professionals to evaluate your machine after a specific time.

Without a qualified technician, you may not be able to interpret the data from your machine properly. Every organization using gearboxes need to have qualified professionals to do the job.

Hire professionals versed in gearbox failure causes. The maintenance program should consist of vibration tests, oil checks, to ensure the machine is working at its best. Troubleshooting is the major task conducted by these professionals during this program. They should come up with a fully documented report on the health of your gearbox and offer tips to keep your machine operating properly.

The documented report is used for future purposes. Future preventive maintenance measure use information from the previous evaluation. Using the information you can prevent future problems that may occur. This program may be costly and time-consuming, but it is worth it. Your machines will never break down unexpectedly. If they do break, the contractor should fix them for free depending on the warranty they gave you.

The most important thing to do is to always keep an eye on strange activities on your gearbox. Strange noises, oil leaks, unusual vibrations are a sign that your gearbox may need repair. Maintenance is cheaper that repair.

Quincy Air Compressor Surplus

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As a distributor of Quincy air compressors and parts, from time to time we accumulate surplus items, such as flywheels.

We have 2 Quincy air compressor flywheels for $450 each. These are NEW TAKE-OFFs. Part number 110523 is a 19.5″ flywheel that has 4 belt grooves and will fit 350 and 270 compressors.




4-groove Flywheel


Additionally, we have one 3-groove Quincy air compressor flywheel for $450. The part number is 5836 with a casting number of 3302Y. This 19.5” 3-belt flywheel is a NEW TAKE-OFF and fits 270 and 350 Quincy compressors.

Casting number 3302Y


Casting number 5836


3 groove flywheel pulley


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WPT POWER Sales Awards

Apr 14, 16 • Air Clutches, Brakes, Clutches, Local News, NewsComments Off on WPT POWER Sales Awards

Motley Crew

2015 was a great year for us.

We achieved some outstanding accomplishments; namely, winning a handful of awards:

  • The Distributor with the Largest Increase in Sales!
  • Top 5 in Mechanical PTO Sales
  • Top 5 in Overall Sales
  • Top 5 in Assembly Sales

If anyone is looking for WPT Power products, you now know who to call for the best!

SINGLE STAGE Torque Converter SALE!

Feb 12, 16 • News, Torque ConvertersComments Off on SINGLE STAGE Torque Converter SALE!

6CO-1504-1 6CO-1512-1

For a limited time we are offering a special price on remanufactured Twin Disc 6-CO Torque Converters.

6-CO-1504-1 MS: 280 or MS: 400

The Exchange Price has temporarily been dropped to $6900
The Exchange Core Charge has been reduced for a short time to $6900

6-CO-1512-1 MS: 280 or MS: 400

The Exchange Price has for the time being been dropped to $6900
The Exchange Core Charge has briefly been reduced to $6900

For either 6CO-1504-1 or 6CO-1512-1 with a specific torque of 280 or 400
The OUTRIGHT Price for the moment is $14,500

6CO1504 [28862]

K&L Clutch Torque Converter Exchange Program

Oct 21, 15 • NewsComments Off on K&L Clutch Torque Converter Exchange Program

K&L CO10066TC1 Blue [567802]K&L Clutch is now actively seeking Allison and Twin Disc torque converters to purchase for our exchange program. We are looking for TCOA 377, TCDO 400 series, TCDOA 400 series, TCDO 500 series, TCDOA 500 series and CO-10066-TC1 torque converters.

Examples of converters for sale in our exchange program would be:

17.5 HUC

6-CO -1309, 6-CO -1512, 6-CO -1504, 6-S-1513

CF-10032-TC1, CF-10059-TC1, CF-11538-TC0

CO-10049-TC-1, CO-10058-TC-1, CO-10066-TC-1

CO-11565-TC-0, CF-11571-TC0

F10017TC1, F11524TC1-SD, F-11524-TC0-RBD, F11561TC0 RBD

Manitowoc 4600:

CF-10033-TC1, CF-11570-TC1

Manitowoc Vicon Control Converters:

IF10027TCSS, IF-10027-TC-LS, IF-10027-TC-TAG, IF-11532-TC, FIF-11535, CIF-11570-TC-0 and IF11576TC

Allison TC Converters:

TCOA 377, TCDO 475, TCDOA 435, TCDO 545, TCDOA 565, TCDOA 585, TCA 845, TCD 845, TC 955 and TCA 955

Clark Torcon Converters:

43-16.1 AKOCPG, 52-16.1 AKOCPG, 16.1 AKOCBG, C272.5, C273 and 18-17 CK

Feel free to ask us about any similar models. We can modify converters to meet your specification.

Big Tex

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2015bigtex-660x330This is the 2nd anniversary of the new BIG TEX 2.0 at the State Fair of Texas at Fair Park in Dallas.
Big Tex was originally built as the largest Santa Claus in the world in 1949. Howell Brister’s idea for a 50 foot Santa was used as an attraction to increase the economy. Santa was displayed in the city of Kerens for only two years. Brister brought his offer to James Stewart and R.L. Thornton at the State Fair office and the $750 Santa would be reborn as a 52 foot Cowboy the following year.
Big Tex debuted with a 75 gallon hat size 70 boots and a paper mache head. He would undergo several changes along way, including a jaw and an arm that moves with a speaker in his head to allow him to greet the state fair guests with his famous “Howdy Folks”. He got a fiber-glass head in the 1950’s and new clothes every 3 years. During the last week of the fair in October 2012 Big Tex caught on fire. The fire was caused by a faulty electric panel below him in the vault, and he was destroyed before on lookers within minutes. Big Tex had been an important fixture of the State Fair since 1952. The publicity of “Tex on Fire” motivated officials to rebuild and improve.
The new Big Tex 2.0 was ready for the 2013 State Fair season; he naturally is bigger and better. He now stands at 55 feet and is strong enough to handle 100 mph winds without guide wires. He is structurally BIG TEX 2015sound enough to put triple axles under and tow like a trailer. He is now about half the height of the Statue of Liberty (111.5 ft). He is more proportionate with a larger posterior. He weighs in at 25,000 pounds including the 130 pounds of shirt, 100 pounds of jeans and 1800 pounds of boots. His clothes were provided by Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company. His boots are Lucchese Texas State Boots, of which you can buy your own pair to wear for $10,000, his are 10 and a half feet long.
Whether you prefer the original Big Tex or 2.0, he will always be the biggest icon for the State Fair of Texas.

Newest Rudomatic Distributor!

Aug 25, 15 • Cranes, New Inventory Arrivals, NewsComments Off on Newest Rudomatic Distributor!


We are proud to anRUDEnounce we are a full-line distributor for Rudomatic taglines, hose reels, magnet reels and combination reels.

As a Rud-O-Matic Tagline distributor we will be stocking certain key and often required parts: Cables, Right and Left Hand Springs, Shafts for Multiple Barrel Taglines, Oil Seals, Gaskets, Bearings, Brass Bushings and Shear Pins.

Please contact us and we will help you with your tagline application needs.


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Hurricane, Typhoon or Cyclone

Jun 16, 15 • Local News, News, World NewsComments Off on Hurricane, Typhoon or Cyclone

Tropical storms of wind speed greater than 74 mph are called different names based on what part of the world the storm is in. In the North-Western hemisphere these are called Hurricanes. In the North-Eastern Hemisphere they are called Typhoons. The east and west hemispheres are separated by the international dateline. Below the equator and in the Indian Ocean large tropical storms are called Tropical Cyclones.



Lowboy Runaway Crane Crash

Jun 2, 15 • NewsComments Off on Lowboy Runaway Crane Crash

Somewhere in Venezuela, a transportation company was moving a Link-Belt Crane when things ran awry. Watch what happens. Kudos to the camera man.
1st Video

2nd Video

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